Verita Software stands for True Quality

Verita is derived from the Latin word Veritas,
the Goddess of Truth in Roman mythology.

And everything we do is measured by this standard of quality!

Our mission is to help providers improve clinical decision-making by giving them the right information at the right time in the right workflow.

Healthcare providers spend a lot of their time searching and navigating through patient charts. The AI platform being built by our team would help providers analyze and use clinical information at scale, unlocking novel insights for administering patient care. It will surface actionable, data-driven insights for plans, providers, and other healthcare organizations to improve administrative, clinical, and financial outcomes.



An exceptional team curated of thought-leaders

Dr. Rajan Gulati, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Through his vision of creating a large Immediate Care Center for the community, his private practice quickly expanded to become Middletown Medical, P.C.

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Navneet Gupta


B.E. (Computer) from Delhi College of Engineering (D.C.E.) with over 22 years of progressive technology experience in managing and driving software engineering projects.

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